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BetaFPV Micro-Nano Module Adapter

12.57 EUR
Model: beta_micro_nno_module_adapt


New adapter with upgrades is released now and is very easy to install. A 3PIN GH1.25 terminal socket, which can be used for Futaba, or other no-OpenTX radio controllers, is added to the bottom of the module adapter.

With the use of micro-nano module adapter, nano tx module can work on transmitters with a Micro port (or JR port) easily. Especially, it supports BETAFPV ELRS Nano TX Module.


  • Item:  Micro-Nano Module Adapter
  • Size: 65*48*28mm (JR module size)
  • Weight: 25g
  • Input: JR module bay (Micro module bay)
  • Output: Nano module bay (Lite module bay)
  • Supported radio transmitter: Frsky X9D/X9D Plus/X12S/X10/X10S/X7/X7S, 
    Flysky TH9X, Turnigy 9XR/9XR PRO, FUTABA 16IZ, Jumper T16/T18/T18 Pro, 
    Radiomaster TX16S/TX18S, TBS Mambo
  • Supported TX Module: BETAFPV Nano TX Module, TBS Crossfire Nano TX、Frsky XJT Lite/R9M Lite/R9M Lite Pro.

Supported Radio TX

The module adapter is suitable for transmitters with a Micro port (or JR port). For example, Frsky X9D, FUTABA 16IZ, TBS Mambo, Turnigy 9XR, Jumper T18, etc.

Package included

1 * Micro-Nano Module Adapter

1 * Converter cable

1 * Double-sided tape


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