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BT3.0 Male connector

1.65 EUR
Model: 01130005_4|Male


The BT3.0 connectors are designed for the 2S battery, with 3 metal pins that enable balancing power when charging without an extra balancer connector. It simplifies 2S battery assembly and weighs only 1.28 grams, making it smaller and super lightweight than regular connectors on the market. For 2S quad pilots, it also presents a more convenient choice for the 2S battery, as well as the better option for minus some grams off the quad. 

Bullet Point

  • An innovative option for 2S whoop drone battery, designed specifically for 2S whoop drones.
  • The BT3.0 connectors offer unparalleled convenience, combining balance charging and discharge power cord functionalities into a single connector, eliminating the need to purchase an expensive balance charger.
  • The BT3.0 connectors are smaller and lighter in weight, with a total weight of only 1.28g for both male and female connectors, compared to regular connectors.
  • The BT3.0 connectors boast a rated discharge current of 12A and an instantaneous current of up to 20A, meeting the discharge requirements of 2S batteries.


  • BT3.0 Male Connector: 0.6g/PCS, 11.2*9.2*6.1mm
  • BT3.0 Female Connector: 0.68g/PCS, 10.1*9.1*5.4mm
  • BT3.0 Male+Female Connector: 1.28g/PCS
  • BT3.0 XH2.54 Adapter Cable: 1.84g/PCS, 35mm
  • BT3.0 2S Whoop Cable Pigtail: 1.39g/PCS, 30mm
  • Insertion Force: 3-22N
  • Color: White/Black
  • Metal Material: Gold-plated copper
  • Plastic Material: PA9T
  • Plug Lifespan: 1000 times
  • Rated Current: 12A
  • Instantaneous Current: 20A
  •   BT3.0 BT2.0 XT30
    Rated Current 12A 9A 15A
    Instantaneous Current 20A 15A 30A
    Weight 1.28g 0.6g 1.8g
    Size 10.1*9.1*5.4mm 8.5*6.0*4.2mm 12.4*10.2*5.2mm

    Below is the diagram for the male, female connectors.

    BT3.0 Connectors

    The BT3.0 connectors are a 3PIN terminal, two metal pins with a diameter of 1.3mm are used for battery discharge, and two metal pins with a diameter of 1.3mm and a metal pin with a diameter of 1.0mm are combined into a 3PIN connector as a balanced charger for battery charging. The BT3.0 connectors have polarity marks on their welding cup but don't support reverse connections. When welding wires, make sure to pay attention to the positive and negative directions. The connector's design prevents reverse connections, so do not force it in the opposite direction to avoid short circuit risks.

    BT3.0 2S Whoop Cable Pigtail

    This power cable with the BT3.0 connector is specially made for a 2S whoop drone. The male connector and the power cord are at a 90-degree angle, which makes it easy to plug and unplug. The insertion and extraction force range is 3-22N, making daily use more effortless. It fits 2S FC and 2S quadcopter.

    When you resolder your board, please pay attention to the connection method. BT3.0 Cable Pigtail is composed of blue wire and white wire. The blue wire is the positive pole(+), and the white wire is the negative pole(-). 

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