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C.Carbon Edge X Race frame

47.04 EUR
Model: c.carbon_edge_x
Váz mérete: 5 inch 180-230 mm


The Edge-X is a completely Hungarian developed frame, designed by the CCarbon workshop for racing in all respects.
Like the design of the frame, it is also manufactured in-house from 3K carbon plates using flat-bed CNC milling technology.

The big advantage of domestic production is that possible parts can be procured within 1-2 days.

The frame is suitable for 30*30 - 20*20 and 16*16 mm flight controllers.

All Edge-X frames are available with a 14*14 camera mount, fin and micro Lollipop antenna mount.

Design: True-X

Length: 186 mm

Width: 173 mm

Height base: 37 mm

Motor-motor distance:145mm

For diagonal axis: 205 mm

Acceptable motor diagonal: 16-19 mm

Height of spacers: 25 mm
Arm thickness: 5 mm

Top, Mid and Bottom plate thickness: 2-3-2 mm

Assembled weight of the basic frame: 75 g

The weight of the basic TPU parts for the frames is approximately 10 g

Recommended propeller size 5.1"


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 186x173 mm
Mounting pattern 20x20/30,5x30,5 mm
stílus race
Weight 75 g
Váz formája True X


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