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FrSky R9 MX – Enhanced R9 Series ACCESS OTA Long-Range Receivers

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Model: FrSky_R9MX-EU
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The R9 MX is the enhanced versions of the previous R9 MM/Mini series long-range capable receivers, equivalent in size and weight equipped with a robust detachable Ipex1 antenna connector.

The R9 MX takes features from the previous R9 Mini and R9 MM making it compatible with more external devices by providing an Inverted S.Port output and supporting the redundancy function. Additionally, it retains soldering points to connect 4 PWM channels. The enhanced design proves to be more durable, and in conjunction with the latest ACCESS firmware, the two are now synchronized and we are able to unlock the true potential of the ACCESS protocol.


Antenna connector IPEX (u.FL)
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 18*12*3.2 mm
Radio frequency 900 MHz
Weight 3.2 g
Frequency 868MHz / 915MHz
Dimension 18*12*3.2mm
Weight 3.2g
Numbers of Channel 4 PWM / 16 SBUS (CH16 outputs RSSI)
Operating Voltage DC 3.5V~10V
Operating Current <100mA@5V
Compatibility R9M Lite/ R9M Lite Pro / R9M 2019 with ACCESS firmware

Package included

1 x Receiver

1 x T antenna


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