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GEPRC CineLog 35 Cinewhoop Frame

75.57 EUR
Váz mérete: 3.5" 150-170mm


The CineLog35 Frame developed by CEPRC for mounting GoPro camera is now officially released.

CL35 is improved and developed on the basis of CL30. It supports the installation of mainstream AIO FC with 26.5mm x 26.5mm holes. The VTX installation hole is 20mm x 20mm, which can be directly installed with VISTA HD image transmission.The propeller guard adopts an integrated design, and the overall structure is firmer.Upgrade the power system, choose the 12mm x 12mm motor hole position, compared to CL30, it can install a larger 15-18-20 series motor, with a 3.5-inch propeller, it has a stronger power output. Improve the damping rings, the shooting effect is more stable and clearer.It has an stronger mounting compatibility, you can use 3D prints to install the GoPro8、GoPro9、GoPro10 or use the base to install naked GoPro8, Insta 360 GO2 and Caddx Peanut cameras.

We pursue lighter body weight, better flying feel, and more extended functions.


Model: GEP-CL35

Motor to Motor: 142mm

Top plate: 2.5mm

Bottom plate: 2.0mm

Arm Plate:3.5mm

FC hole position: 26.5mm x 26.5mm

VTX hole position: 20mm x 20mm

Motor hole position: 12mm x 12mm

Camera installation space: 14~19mm

Propeller guard internal diameter: 95mm

Suitable propeller size: 3.5 inch propeller

Dimension: 203mm x 203mm x 42mm(Include propeller guard)

Weight:130.7g(Include propeller guard,GoPro camera mount,3D printings)


  1. Integrated protection guard design, the overall structure is firmer and durable.

  2. Improve the damping rings, the shooting effect is more stable and clearer.

  3. CineLog35 has a great mount compatibility, you can install GoPro10, GoPro9, GoPro8, or Naked GoPro 8,Insta 360 GO2 camera and Caddx Peanut camera.

  4. 12mm x 12mm motor holes can be installed with 15-18-20 motors, and the power output is strong with 3.5-inch propellers.

  5. The design of open holes on the side of the propeller guard greatly reduces the noise during flight.

  6. Independent receiver cabin,and binding is convenient and fast.


Mounting pattern 20x20/25,5x25,5 mm
stílus Cinewhoop

Package included

1 x Top Plate 2.5mm

1 x Arm Plate 3.5mm

1 x Bottom Plate 2.0mm

2 x Propeller guards

1 x Power cable combination

1  x  Screw combination

1  x  Screwdriver combination

1  x  3D Print mountings combination

1 x Other Parts


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