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GEPRC GEP-CS 3 inch Cinestyle Frame

39.17 EUR
Model: gep_cs_frame
Váz mérete: 3 inch 120-150 mm


In a minimalist style, Cygnet frame design is not too abrupt. It takes straight lines and smooth ellipses as design elements to make the whole frame look neat and comfortable.
The hole position is designed to install stacked mini hd video equipment.Designed for a RunCam Split Mini camera and a 20×20 stack up front, this micro frame can produce 1080p HD footage at 60 fps.
The flying control mounting holes of the frame are all damped to effectively reduce the impact of motor vibration and make the picture more stable.The cabin height is 28mm and there is plenty of room for the mini size flying tower.

GEP-CS product specification:

Product name: GEP-CS

The wheelbase: 145mm

Propeller: 3 inch

Top plate thickness : 3mm

Bottom plate thickness: 3mm

Motor hole position: 12mm*12mm

Weight: 38g


  1. Minimalist design,Delicate frame
  2. Designed for the Runcam Split Mini camera
  3. Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe,durable in crashing
  4. Beautifully finished chamfered edge
  5. High precision 7075 aluminum alloy Camera protection
  6. Electronic installation position all shock absorption processing
  7. One piece 3D printing module for antenna and rear LED


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 145 mm
Mounting pattern 20x20 mm (micro)
stílus Cinewhoop
Weight 38 g
Váz formája H

Package included

1 x 7075 Aluminum Camera Protector

1 x 3mm Bottom plate

2 x 3mm Top plate

1 x 1mm receiver plate

14 x M2*6  YFS Button Screw

1 x LED bright LED tail lights

1 x 35V Cap

2 x Battery magic tape

1 x XT30

1 x 5.8g Antenna tieline

2 x 4gAntenna fixed tube

2 x Lipo silicone Pad


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