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MARK4 HD 7" frame

60.17 EUR
Model: GEP-Mark4HD7
Unit price: 60.17 EUR/

The perfect match DJI FPV Air Unit
Full 3K Carbon Fiber Frame
3D printing parts are fixed and protected
Super lightweight Freestyle frame
FreeStyle Version


Váz mérete: 7 inch 280- mm


The perfect match DJI FPV Air Unit
3D printing parts are fixed and protected
No propeller in the view
Full 3K Carbon Fiber Frame
Super lightweight Freestyle frame
Beautiful appearance design,durable in crashing
Quick maintenance Arms and replacement of equipment
25mm standoffs for better height and CG relation,Ample space for electronic installation
ALU6061 Srandoff New , Strengthen the hardness
There are 30.5*30.5mm and 20*20mm flight control holes , Stack can fit in the center or the rear.
High quality 3K twill carbon fiber plate, high precision CNC processing
YFS screw, 12.9 grade strength, non-slip teeth, anti-rust,Durable steel hardware


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 193 x 223 mm
Mounting pattern 20x20/30,5x30,5 mm
stílus freestyle
Weight 141 g
Váz formája H
Motor to motor:295mm
Arms plate 5mm
Side plate 2.5mm
Top plate 2.5mm
Bottom plate 2.5mm
Protect plate 2mm

Package contents

4 x 5mm 7inch Arms plate
2 x 2.5mm side plate
1 x 2.5mm top plate
1 x 2.5mm Bottom plate
2 x 2mm Bumpers plate
2 x 2mm Reinforce plate
1 x Lipo silicone pad
1x DJI FPV Air Unit fixed
1x Antenna Mount
1x RX Antenna Mount


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