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Tattu R-Line v4.0

Tattu R-Line v4.0 Soon here is the next generation TATTU R-Line version 4.0

 is by far the most outstanding manufacturer on the battery market.
And the R-Line series has been a favorite of racers for years. These are a little pricy stuff, that’s why not all pilots use it.

The R-Line series has survived several generations in the last 3-4 years. The current most popular models are the R-Line Version 3.0 4S 1550mAh and in the 6S category up to the  R-Line Version 3.0 6S 1050mAh and the R-Line Version3.0 6S 1400mAh.

The latter is also used by the Hungarian Drone Racing Team, which is achieving more and more international success.

The special feature of the new version is the higher C value, it will also have a few percent lower weight and smaller size. So, it's a win-win situation.

As an example, we compare the battery used by DRH (Drone Racing Hungary) with the same v4.0 counterpart:

  Tattu R-Line Version 4.0 1400mAh 130C
Tattu R-Line Version 3.0 1400mAh 120C
Minimum Capacity 1400 mAh 1400 mAh
Configuration 6S1P / 22,2 V / 6 cells 6S1P / 22,2 V / 6 cells
Discharge rate 130C 120C
Net Weight 225 g 230 g
Dimensions 76 x 38 x 39 mm 78 x 39 x 43 mm
Charge plug JST-XHR JST-XHR
Discharge plug XT60 XT60