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ToolkitRC C3 Compact AC Balance Charger

15.93 EUR
Model: TK12400
Maximum parallel charge: 2 akkumulátor
AC power input: 220 Volt


The ToolkitRC C3 Compact AC Balance Charger is a compact, easy-to-use charger designed for charging batteries. The power of the charger is 25W, which makes it possible to charge 2-3S LiPo and LiFe batteries. Thanks to the intelligent control, it can safely and quickly charge your batteries. With the help of the built-in balance module, you can also prevent unevenness in the batteries. You can always monitor the process via the LCD display, so you can safely use the ToolkitRC C3 Compact AC Balance Charger.


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 58*91*30 mm
Weight 100 g
DC plug JST plug
Charge current 0,1-2 Amper

Package included

1 x Charger


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