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ToolkitRC M4 Pocket 80W 5A 1-4S Compact Balance Charger

33.57 EUR
Model: ToolkitRC_M4_POCKET
The acclaimed ToolkitRC M4 Pocket Charger is perfect for all of your on-the-go FPV charging needs! With 80 Watts of Power, Dual Inputs, Built-In USB-C Input and Output, and an IPS Wide-Angle Color Display, this charger will keep you powered up anywhere you go!
AC power input: nincs



Charge current 0,1-5 Amper
Input Voltage XT60 7.0-25.0V MAX 5.0A, USB-C 7.0-20.0V
Type of battery LiPo LiHv LiFe Lipo Storage 1-4S
USB-C protocol QC,PD,AFC,FCP Protocol
Screen IPS 1.54inch LCD 240*240 Pixel
Balance current 400mA @4.20V
Balance accuracy <0.005V @ 4.2V
USB-C output 1.0A @5.0V
Dimensions 80x40x30
Weight 75g

Package included

1x ToolkitRC M4 Pocket 80W 5A 1-4S Compact DC Charger


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